Energy management systems using ProfiSignal - now ISO 50001 compliant

energy management software-profisignal

Requirements from DIN EN ISO 50001 and obligations for energy audits are forcing many companies into hasty action. Energy consumption in the different areas needs to be acquired, analysed, optimised and then continuously monitored. Delphin's ProfiSignal software is particularly suited to such tasks. ProfiSignal is compatible with Delphin measurement devices but also with many other power-measurement and metering systems available on the market.

The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) recently confirmed that ProfiSignal is ISO 50001 compliant. For our customers, this means that the cost of the software, as part of an energy management system, is eligible to grants so that reimbursements can be applied for.

We wish to bring to your attention that our software as well as our hardware are ideal for operational energy-efficiency measurement and analysis. For many years we have been providing systems to record and monitor energy consumption data as well as process measurement data. Delphin systems are especially strong in this area. They are able to simultaneously record energy consumption, flow rates and production measurement data such as air pressure, temperatures etc. For example, Delphin systems are monitoring more than 1000 measurement and energy meters in a major German printers, as well as the entire energy consumption in a titanium production facility, and energy data for all cost centres in a large electronics company.

Whether with our mobile energy measurement case or as a stationary solution in the control cabinet, with the Delphin hardware and software, potential savings can be optimally detected, analyzed and made directly usable for you as a user. The ProfiSignal software can be used to generate clear visualization interfaces that are intuitive for the operator and easy for an auditor to understand at a glance.

We advise and support you with our many years of experience and help you to set up a practical solution for an energy management system. We accompany you from project planning to commissioning and training. At Delphin, you get service from A to Z from a single source.

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