Energy monitoring and fault analysis - measurement kit with OPC UA and cloud connection

energy monitoring and fault analysis

Delphin Technology AG now offers a new measuring case with an integrated OPC UA interface based on the Expert Logger HighSpeed data logger series. The measuring case combines two important applications and is therefore a very useful device for many manufacturing companies. On the one hand, the measuring case can record, balance and store energy consumption, and on the other hand, the measuring case can be used for fault analysis of machines and process signals. The mobile measuring case is available in different configuration levels.

For energy monitoring applications, the measuring case can be equipped with up to three independent measuring circuits for power measurement. This means that the energy consumption of several machines can be balanced at the same time. Depending on the customer's requirements, effective-value power measuring devices are used to record active, apparent and reactive power, conductor voltages and currents as well as cos phi. Suitable current/voltage transformers can also be provided for the recording of peak values or for a network analysis. Eight synchronous digital/frequency inputs in the measuring case can be used for metering energy meters or flow rates. The electrical connection is made via screw terminals or customised with special plugs.

For disturbance analysis, up to 46 analogue inputs and 48 digital inputs are available in the measuring case. The sampling rates range from 20µsec to hourly or daily averages.

All measured values and energy consumption can be stored autonomously in the measuring case. The internal data memory offers space for approx. 500 million measured values, including a high-precision time stamp. In addition, the measuring case has an OPC UA interface and can transmit measured values directly to the cloud. The comprehensive ProfiSignal Go software is included in the scope of delivery of the measuring case. Evaluations are possible in different diagrams from µsec resolution to yearly overviews.

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