Expert Transient – New data recorder for fault diagnostics


Expert Transient is the new data recorder from Delphin Technology AG. With this device, analog measured values of up to 50 kHz sampling rate per channel can be recorded synchronously in combination with digital signals and stored autonomously. Data storage is very secure, as the measured values can be recorded internally and in parallel on external storage media.

The device is suitable for fault diagnostics in machinery and plants. Typical applications include the evaluation of pressure pulses, fast process monitoring and controller optimisation. Expert Transient can also be supplied in a robust mobile measurement case for field deployments in harsh environments. The standard device, equipped with plug-in terminals, is ideal for use with test stands or in laboratories.

Sampling of analog and digital measurement data is performed fully synchronously. This enables precise identification of the sequence of events in a malfunction. Measurement data can be recorded either continuously or according to triggered events. Users are able to define triggers to also record pre and post event data. Expert Transient is available in two versions with 4, 8, 12 or 16 analog inputs as well as 4 digital inputs. The device can be extended by up to 100 analog or digital inputs.

Applications without PC support can store up to 14 GB data in the device's internal storage. Parallel recording to a high-capacity external NAS device is also possible. Expert Transient has an optional Wi-Fi interface.

The device is supplied with the ProfiSignal Go software. ProfiSignal Go has been upgraded to enable large data volumes to be processed online. Expert Transient is able to transmit data to a PC via an Ethernet interface where it can be saved and observed online. The device's internal storage can be accessed using ProfiSignal Go and the data analysed offline. A signal sequence diagram is especially useful in providing an overview of the chronology of a malfunction event.

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