Measurement technology booster through ultra-fast OPC UA interface

Delphin Technology AG has significantly expanded the possibilities for communication via OPC UA, enabling secure, reliable, manufacturer- and platform-independent data exchange from the sensor and field level up to the control system and exchange to the cloud.

The central measurement data management software Delphin Data Center now has both an OPC UA client and server interface for the high-performance transmission of live measurement data, as well as an OPC UA HA server interface with which historical measurement data can be conveniently transmitted.

The high-performance Delphin measurement database allows data transfer rates of up to 500.000 data points per second for OPC UA. Up to 20.000 OPC UA nodes are supported, which can be conveniently configured via the browser function.

In addition to OPC UA, the Delphin Data Center also supports communication via Modbus TCP Server/Client and OPC Server/Client. Furthermore, in addition to an SQL interface, an API is also available, which can be programmed via Python, for example.

The measuring devices of the Expert, Loggito and Message series can also communicate directly via OPC UA. They can be configured as OPC UA clients, as OPC UA servers and as OPC UA HA servers, thus covering many different application scenarios. Depending on the product and version, the DAQ hardware from Delphin supports communication via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus RTU and TCP, CAN, as well as ASCII and SCPI, in addition to OPC UA.

With the new functions, there is now complete OPC UA consistency in Delphin's hardware and software and any conceivable architecture can be implemented without any problems. This is an important basis for the success of the digital transformation or IT-OT integration, for example in mechanical engineering or testing and automation technology.

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