New features in the ProfiSignal software


ProfiSignal 3.1 has been available from Delphin Technology AG since October 2011. The new version gives users many new functions combined with upgraded usability. This further improves ProfiSignal as software for universal measurement and automation requirements. Continuous monitoring systems, for example, need high levels of data security and availability and will benefit from the new functions in version 3.1.

The ProfiSignal DataService is a centralized database, suitable for transient and slow measurement data, and enables online computations and statistical functions to be directly performed at a server level. Averaging and edge counting run as fully automated and reliable background services. The DataService can now function as server to enable remote data transfer via UMTS technology. A ModBus TCP interface has been implemented for recording from sensors or actuators via a LAN connection.

The ProfiSignal Klicks programming language has been upgraded with a data flow command that further simplifies applications development. For the processing of high speed signals, version 3.1 is equipped with an oscilloscope diagram that can be tailored to the needs of any application. The new file factory is used to combine measurement data files so that analysis can be performed within a single system.

ProfiSignal now enables the internal data memories from Message devices to be automatically synchronized to PC recording thereby significantly enhancing data security.

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