More applications and more efficiency from ProfiMessage


New internal functions have extended the range of ProfiMessage applications with new options available for measurement data acquisition, process monitoring and analysis.

The ProfiMessage devices now have improved performance for measurement data acquisition as well as for full process monitoring and analysis. Measurement data can now undergo validation, computation and evaluation prior to being stored to the device's internal memory. Data acquisition is quicker with data being directly converted into meaningful characteristic values. Systems are now even quicker at delivering vital and easy to read information. Software channels are available to compute, integrate and differentiate data, to determine statistical characteristic values and to monitor every measurement value.

Lab and test stand procedures can be configured into ProfiMessage devices and performed independently. Users are able to easily generate the number of software channels they require. Configuration is performed using DataService/Configurator software. This software is simple to use and requires no specialist programming knowledge. New link options help users to structure and organize their software channels.

Serial port configuration with ASCII protocols has been upgraded and is now available to any user. Separate protocols can be created, saved and loaded for each required port.

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