ProfiSignal 4.0 with new functions

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With Release 4.0 of ProfiSignal, Delphin Technology AG launches a new version of its popular measurement and automation software.

Along with many other practical new features, the main innovation in Release 4.0 is a powerful webserver integrated into ProfiSignal's DataService.

The webserver gives users worldwide access to measurement data via a Trend-App or web application. Access is especially fast, even to data spanning long time ranges. An API and fully documented XML interface are available to enable users to incorporate measurement data into their own websites and applications.

The ProfiSignal 4.0 software package also includes a trend app for direct use of the web server. With the trend app, customers can track their measured values live on a mobile device. At the same time, the new app provides convenient access to historical data. The measured values are displayed in a y(t) diagram. The user can zoom into historical data using swipe gestures and display any offline time ranges.

An integrated Diadem driver allows the export of measurement data into that well-known software tool for mathematical analysis. Measurement data can be exported in ASCII or binary format at just a few mouse clicks.

ProfiSignal now fully complies with FDA 21CFR Part11 requirements on making measurement data especially secure, traceable and manipulation safe. This includes application versioning during the development phase.

A further tool also now available in ProfiSignal 4.0 is a spectrogram function which is especially useful for vibration analysis.

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