ProfiSignal Terminal Server


ProfiSignal is Delphin Technology's well-known software for measurement and automation systems. It is now available to run on Microsoft Terminal Servers.

The terminal server version is available for all ProfiSignal products and is especially useful for ProfiSignal Viewer, the universal offline analysis program.

The terminal server version for ProfiSignal is installed centrally and saves significantly on software maintenance costs. The terminal server version then functions as normal for ProfiSignal users connected as clients to the server via LAN or the internet.

Users make their own personal ProfiSignal settings which are then accessible from any client device logged on to the server. This means ProfiSignal users are not required to always work from the same workstation.

Terminal server versions for ProfiSignal are licensed according to the number of clients that can simultaneously access the ProfiSignal software — and not according to the number of workstations using ProfiSignal. This makes ProfiSignal terminal server especially attractive to industry, R&D, inspection agencies, and universities with multiple users who can access ProfiSignal from many different workstations. ProfiSignal terminal server is also practical for those just wishing to reduce their software maintenance costs.

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