Platform-independent measurement technology software with multi-user concept

platform-independent measurement software

We spoke to Dr. Sven Jodlauk, Product Manager at Delphin Technology, about the benefits of modern measurement data evaluation using platform-independent measurement technology software that can be carried out from (almost) anywhere.

IEN D-A-CH: Delphin Technology AG is well known in the field of measurement technology. Can you briefly outline the different areas of the company for our readers?

Jodlauk: We are a competent and reliable partner for our customers worldwide - both for standard metrological solutions and for customized complete solutions. In order to meet this requirement, we develop hardware and software ourselves and supply all components for the respective measurement task from a single source. Our aim is to provide our customers with intelligent, high-quality and universally applicable measurement technology products that are easy to commission and intuitive to use. We support the implementation of the measurement task with our in-depth product and application knowledge. In our development department, we are constantly working on new technical features and innovations for our products. Our application development department creates complete turnkey measurement technology solutions from these components and puts them into operation for our customers. In this way, we provide our customers with a tailor-made complete solution for every measurement task as an "all-round carefree package".

IEN D-A-CH: In addition to the tried-and-tested ProfiSignal measurement technology software solution, you also have the new ProfiSignal 20 in your range. What added value does the new software offer and which users would you like to reach?

Jodlauk: ProfiSignal 20 represents a real paradigm shift in the field of measurement technology software - away from stand-alone installations and towards a genuine client/server solution. ProfiSignal 20 is installed on a central server and delivers measurement data and projects from there to any number of clients. Every user can use their smartphone or tablet to access their measurement data and processes regardless of location and platform. And all common operating systems are supported! The look and feel is optimized for the respective platform, so Android users feel just as at home as iOS users. ProfiSignal 20 uses modern cross-platform technology! The new client/server architecture enables centralized archiving of measurement data, avoiding unnecessary redundancies. This concept also significantly increases data security and access protection. Additional benefits are also provided by the multi-user concept, as several users can access the same projects simultaneously. The new possibilities of ProfiSignal 20 offer real added value for many applications, as unnecessary paths can be avoided and time and resources can be saved. As an example, I would like to mention one of our customers who is monitoring a municipal drainage system. Here, filling levels and pumps have to be monitored around the clock at 18 geographically distributed locations. With ProfiSignal 20, the service technicians now have access to the data from all stations, regardless of their current location, and can therefore avoid unnecessary travel and save a lot of time and money during their service calls.

IEN D-A-CH: What are the specific differences between the two software versions ProfiSignal 20 Go and Basic?

Jodlauk: ProfiSignal 20 Go is used to quickly record, visualize and analyse measurement data. Many different diagram types are available for this purpose. In addition to the multi-axis y(t) diagrams, I would particularly like to highlight the y(xl) diagram and the multi-trace diagram. The latter is often used by many users to examine the temporal relationship between analog signals and digital switching states. The upcoming version will also provide users with a new function that allows several diagrams to be synchronized with just one click. This makes the combined analysis of different measured variables much easier. A highlight of ProfiSignal 20 is the innovative SCACH function. Here, a QR code attached to the system is simply scanned and the current measurement and operating data appears on the display of a smartphone or tablet. This is ideal, for example, for a quick inspection tour. ProfiSignal 20 Basic contains the full range of functions of ProfiSignal 20 Go and also enables the creation of individual diagrams for the visualization and control of processes and measurement tasks, similar to a SCADA system. The strengths of ProfiSignal 20 include particularly convenient functions when several similar projects are to be created. Thanks to an object designer and intelligent assignment of the measurement channels to the display elements on the dashboard, the time required here is significantly minimized.

we spoke to dr. sven jodlauk, product manager at delphin technology, about the advantages of modern measurement data evaluation using platform-independent measurement technology software that can be carried out from (almost) anywhere.

With ProfiSignal 20, a wide range of operating and monitoring elements can be used to create individual diagrams on all end devices.

IEN D-A-CH: You work with customers from a wide range of industries. Can you perhaps briefly give our readers one or two successful application examples?

Jodlauk: I would be happy to explain a very recent application example in which not only ProfiSignal 20, but also our measurement technology hardware and our DAQ software for central measurement data management are used. One of our customers, a construction machinery manufacturer, no longer wanted to just sell machines to its customers, but wanted to offer complete condition monitoring. Every customer should have access to the data of the machines they have purchased and be informed about upcoming maintenance work. We have created the following solution to accomplish this task: Our Expert Vibro vibration measuring device with channel extension is installed as standard in every construction machine in order to record all measurement data relevant for condition monitoring and store it in the device in a fail-safe manner. Both fast vibration measurement variables and slow operating parameters are recorded, in some cases using special, sensor-specific protocols. The data is then transmitted via LTE to a server of the construction machinery manufacturer. The Delphin Data Center is installed there and takes on the task of central measurement data management. The data is synchronized, stored redundantly and analysed to such an extent that specific recommendations for action can be made. Finally, the end customer is provided with the data for their machines - thanks to ProfiSignal 20, either in the office on a PC or, regardless of location, on a tablet or smartphone, for example directly at the construction site.

IEN D-A-CH: It is also possible to use hardware for data acquisition with integrated ProfiSignal 20 software. What are the advantages and where is this hardware used?

Jodlauk: In addition to the platform independence of the measurement technology software, many users are looking for a way to visualize measurement data directly on site at the system - independent of a network connection. This requirement can be ideally met with acquisition hardware from Delphin with pre-installed ProfiSignal 20. The user can then connect to the device directly on site at the system via WLAN and receive the measurement data directly on their tablet or smartphone. Many of our customers appreciate this option of using our devices as an "edge device", for example when they want to check the current status of their systems during a tour.

IEN D-A-CH: Thank you for the informative interview!

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