Applications development

Application development support for complete turnkey solutions for your measurement or automation task.

Individual and efficient

Based on the Delphin products create our engineering team to efficiently and cost your particular application. This may include the configuration of the measuring points and the use of visualization in ProfiSignal Basic, a plant automation and logging in ProfiSignal Klicks or the complete design and creation by Delphin enclosure.

Benefit from our years of experience in the development of customer-specific projects.

Application development is based on the ProfiSignal development system. You have the ability to maintain later on by itself and we generated application for further editing. A familiarization training as part of a description and an application, we offer optional.

System design and functions are agreed on with the customer. This ensures that delivered systems are compatible to user environments and enable easy familiarization of upgradedsystems. Logos, lettering and the appearance of display objects can be adapted to individual customer preferences.

Applications are also able to process existing data, e. g. via company database access. Data can be read as well as written, e. g. recording test-outcome data.

We see ProfiSignal applications as tools to resolve customer problems – and these tools need to be the right ones!

ProfiSignal applications can also integrate existing measurement data, e. g. from power measuring units, thermostats, controllers, scales, pumps etc., when these are equipped with the appropriate interfaces (RS232, 422, 485, Ethernet, OPC).

Examples for application development

  • Complete development test stands with input options for header and product data, with test procedures, protocols complying to standards and computation functions, e. g. for luminaires, tools, engines, vehicle components, boilers and plant
  • Process visualization and data archiving with analysis functions, e. g. for laboratory installations, R&D systems and process technology facilities
  • Final-test installations with traceable, server-based data archiving and automatic output of specific product protocols
  • Environment monitoring and alarm installation using email, text messaging and fax functions, and controlled with a powerful user management system
  • Data can be accessed worldwide by connecting the message devices to modems or through a VPN, e.g. from vibration monitoring on motors, generators and turbines