The offline analysis

Create offline analyses of measurement files and reports with the ProfiSignal Viewer.

Uncomplicated offline analysis of measurement data

The ProfiSignal Viewer enables users to perform offline- analyses of data and reports that have been generated by ProfiSignal Go or Klicks. The Viewer is used to access acquired data.

This application is suitable for users who want to evaluate measurement data acquired with the ProfiSignal software. They only need the Viewer programme on their PC. The ProfiSignal software is required to record measurement data.

Another application of the Viewer is when data is collected as a standalone by means of a data logger and stored in the Viewer itself. This measurement data can then be read out and evaluated with the Viewer. 

Data can also be exported in ASCII or Excel format. The Viewer provides functions that are also available for ProfiSignal's trend diagram and characteristic curve options, e.g. cursors, markers, export and statistical functions.

Product highlights

  • Analyse and export measurement data offline, e.g. in ASCII format
  • Analyse and edit reports offline
  • Numerous diagrams, e.g. trend, characteristic curves, orbit or FFT etc.
  • All diagram functions, e.g. cursor, export, flags, statistics etc.
  • No rigid documents, all measured values are available in the report with time stamp
  • Display and editing of reports
  • PDF print function
  • Manipulation of measurement data is impossible

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