Cabinet construction

Configuration of an individually assembled control cabinet including hardware assembly from a single source.

Customised control cabinet construction and the desired requirements

Delphin can supply ICA systems, such as Message or Expert devices, in 19“ racks, wall-mounted cabinets, ceiling-high cabinets and mobile measurement systems, as well as a broad range of pre-wired cabinet systems.

Delphin can integrate any type of equipment, such as frequency converters, controllers, switch matrices, contactors or basic power adapters, into a cabinet system that is optimally matched to your application requirements. The wiring of the cabinet is performed by Delphin's own production team.

Customized cabinet installations

For complex control and sophisticated measurement technology systems, Delphin's experienced engineers collaborate with users to develop systems specifically tailored to customer requirements.

The flexibility of Delphin's hardware and the expertise of Delphin's engineers and technicians enables the development and construction of any type of cabinet system. Such systems might range from test stand installations and automotive supplier systems through to cabinet installations for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Modular cabinet systems

Modular and extendible systems are also available. The Message hardware, with their master/slave design, offer the ideal basis for modular and extendible systems.

A good example is the luminaire testing device which functions as a thermal testing system complying to the DIN EN 60598 standard. The system can be extended using a PC with the required number of master and slave modules.