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Are you looking for a solution to a challenge in your company? You need a reliable partner for an upcoming project? For more than 40 years, we have been experts in measurement technology and measurement data processing and, together with our customers, we face the challenges ahead. In doing so, each of our customers faces different challenges that require individual customised solutions. Each customer has its own success story - with us as experienced experts for measurement technology and measurement data processing solutions at their side.

Every customer has its own success story - with us as experienced experts for measurement technology and measurement data processing solutions at their side.

Universal data acquisition

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self-sufficient data storage

Autonomous data storage

Fail-safe measurement data acquisition without PC support

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Record measured values on the PC

Measure and directly visualise measured values such as temperatures, current or voltage

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Modular data acquisition

Combine I/O channels individually and solve complex measuring tasks

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laboratory data acquisition

Laboratory data acquisition

For series experiments, laboratory automation or dosing applications

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Transient data acquisition

For fast recording of non-periodic events and fault analysis

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galvanic isolation

Galvanic isolation

Precise measurement results due to electrical isolation of the I/Os

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Record fieldbus data

Acquisition fieldbus data

Integration of fieldbus signals into the measurement data acquisition

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Temperature data acquisition

Temperature data acquisition

For universal acquisition of any temperature signals

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Test stands and automation

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home appliance test benches

Home appliance test stands

For testing household appliances for safety, energy efficiency and quality

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heating test stands

Heating test stands

For the standard-compliant testing of heating appliances and heating systems

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engine test benches

Engine test stands

For development and series testing of all types of power transmission motors

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pump test benches

Pump test stands

For reliable testing of e.g. miniature metering pumps, vacuum or large pumps

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battery test benches

Battery test stands

For testing electrical energy storage devices, batteries and accumulators

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switch test stands

Switch test stands

For testing switching points, bouncing processes or closing and opening times of switches

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valve test stands

Valve test stands

For the automatic detection of pressure, flow and leakages

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service life tests

Endurance test stands

For testing products in long-term operation and a defined service life

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component test benches

Component test stands

For the testing of all types of components during development and production

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gearbox test benches

Gearbox test stands

For development-accompanying measurements or acceptance tests in the production of gearboxes

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process flow control

Sequence controls

Function sequences can be programmed for automation with the sequence control module

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Vibration measurement

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air gap measurement

Air gap measurement

Effective monitoring of rotating machines, generators or turbines

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process measurement technology

Process measurement

Combined acquisition and analysis of vibration and process measurement values

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pressure oscillations

Pressure vibrations

Measurement and analysis of combustion chamber or vortex vibrations, cavitation measurement

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measure bearing vibrations

Measure bearing vibrations

Damage diagnosis through measurement and analysis of rolling bearing vibrations

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measure shaft vibrations

Measure shaft vibrations

Measurement and analysis of plain bearing vibrations on turbines and large gearboxes

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vibration analysis

Analyse vibrations

Analysis and cause finding of vibration problems in processes

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measure machine vibrations

Measure machine vibrations

Vibration monitoring and diagnosis on machines and plants

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condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Increasing plant availability through continuous monitoring

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turbines and generators

Monitoring turbines and generators

Monitoring of engines, gearboxes, compressors and small gas turbines

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Process monitoring and fault analysis

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error and fault analysis

Error and fault analysis

Professional fault analysis on machines and systems

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power measurement

Combined power measurement

Synchronous acquisition of performance data and other process data

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Process and energy data acquisition

Process and energy data acquisition

Combined collection and analysis of process and energy data

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pressure pulse measurement and analysis

Pressure pulse measurement and analysis

For the detection of pressure peaks in piping systems and containers

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environmental simulations with climate chambers

Environmental simulation with climate chambers

For the simulation of long-term operation in product development

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clean room monitoring

Clean room monitoring

Manipulation-proof recording of all measured values according to FDA Part 11

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industry monitoring

Monitoring in the industrial environment

Measurement technology networking of complex plants and machinery

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sequence of event recorder

Sequence of Event-Recorder

Analysis of switching processes with resolution in the microsecond range

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crane monitoring

Crane monitoring

Wear monitoring and fault analysis on crane systems

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machine data acquisition

Machine data acquisition (MDA)

Production and mobile data acquisition independent of the machine control system

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process monitoring

Autonomous process monitoring

Autonomous monitoring of processes and alarming in case of malfunctions

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predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance through complex measured value analysis

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Decentralised data acquisition

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remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Central analysis and monitoring of decentrally collected measurement data

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wifi data acquisition

WLAN data acquisition

Wireless data transmission for measuring locations without network connection

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mobile data acquisition

Mobile data acquisition

Robust measuring cases with precision measuring technology for mobile measuring tasks

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remote monitoring lte

Remote monitoring with LTE

Measurement data acquisition on moving or remote objects

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gps data recording

GPS data acquisition and recording

Time-synchronous acquisition of measurement data and GPS position data

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