Measuring and testing devices from Delphin

Delphin develops, produces and sells measuring, testing and automation devices for applications in the fields of measurement, test stand and monitoring. Various series of devices, for different tasks enable our customers to find the right solution for your task quickly and efficiently.

Products from the range of measuring and test devices

Immerse yourself in the world of high-precision and reliable measuring technology. 
We offer the following measuring devices and test equipment:



Flexible scalable and expandable solution for seamless data collection and monitoring.

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expert logger

Expert Logger

Precisely record, autonomously store, automatically transmit and evaluate measured values.

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profimessage d

ProfiMessage D

Modular measuring, monitoring and automation in one device.

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expert vibro

Expert Vibro

State-of-the-art processor technology and extreme precision for vibration measurement.

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expert transient

Expert Transient

Intelligent data recorder for synchronous recording of transient and periodic events.

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Modular system for use as a measuring, control and monitoring device.

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expert key

Expert Key

For use in PC-supported data acquisition and test stand.

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Compact and flexible measurement data laboratory with precision measurement technology.

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LogMessage 5000

Test stand for measurements with potential using an internal data memory.

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Interfaces and protocols

measuring instruments and test equipment interfaces
table with the protocols of the delphin devices