Product videos

On this page you will find our latest videos on the subject of measurement data acquisition.

Measuring case

The modular measuring cases from Delphin are probably the most powerful measuring cases in the field of professional and mobile measurement data acquisition. It has never been easier to measure, record and process complex values. Communication standards such as Ethernet, WLAN or mobile radio enable perfect integration into all operational processes.

ProfiSignal 20 SCACH function

All you need to do is scan a QR code on the machine with the camera of your smartphone or tablet, and all the relevant measurement data or even the complete plant visualisation will appear on the display of your mobile device.

Delphin Data Center

The Delphin Data Center is a centralized measurement data management system that networks, centrally stores, monitors and analyses measurement data from systems, machines and test benches. The measurement data is archived in a valid and traceable manner and can be retrieved at any time with access within seconds, whether on the network, via PC or mobile via smartphone or tablet.

ProfiSignal 20 demo version

The ProfiSignal 20 demo version video gives you an overview of the modern complete software for applications in the field of measured value acquisition and analysis, visualization and process control. With ProfiSignal 20, all measurement data can be visualized and analysed independently of the platform. The video shows the procedure for installing a demo version.

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