Calibration support for the safety of your production processes and products.

Precision and safety

Every Delphin measurement system is of course delivered as DAkkS (German accreditation body) calibrated according to ISO 9001.

Delphin also provide post-purchase recalibration services for your systems at any time. As the product manufacturer, we are also able to perform readjustments and full functionality tests as part of the calibration service.

This ensures dependability and precision for the entire service life of the system.

Calibration can be performed on-site at the customer or in-house at Delphin.

In-house calibration

Calibration at Delphin is recommended when users are able to operate without their equipment for a short period of time. You agree a date with our calibration team and send us your devices.

On-site calibration

Large machines and equipment are difficult to dismantle for calibration purposes. There are also the hazards involved in transportation. In such cases we recommend the on-site calibration of your equipment. We have mobile and modern calibration instruments that allow us to perform calibration directly on your equipment and, if necessary, to make adjustments.

The customer receives a DAkkS (German accreditation body) certificate for both in-house and on-site calibration services.

Benefits of on-site calibration

  • Minimum downtime due to devices remaining on-site
  • Minimum process interruption due to in series calibration of devices
  • Equipment and machinery receive calibration under actual operating conditions
  • Fixed calibration dates
  • No costs involved for dismantling, dispatch and re-installation
  • No transport hazards