Variety of interfaces for connecting third-party software and hardware

Connect sensors or other control and measurement systems to the measurement software with a variety of interfaces.

Interfaces for measurement software

Our systems, consisting of software as well as measuring and testing technology, are open systems, so that it is also possible to work with third-party software by means of a programming interface and corresponding drivers.

In principle, the following software interfaces, among others, are available to you:


The DataService API interface enables you to communicate independently with the Delphin measuring and testing devices and the ProfiSignal software. Tasks such as using measurement data from hardware and software that is not supported out of the box in ProfiSignal or writing your own programs that access the Delphin hardware are realised quickly and easily with the help of the API - assuming programming knowledge. The interface is executed as OCX, DLL or .NET version.  

Product highlights

  • Connection setup to the Delphin DataService via TCP/IP connection 
  • Real-time data transmission of all Delphin hardware devices supported in the DataService  
  • Creation of user-defined channels in the DataService in order to be able to use any hardware devices for which no native driver is available in ProfiSignal. 
  • The API is provided as a DLL/OCX/.NET component. 
  • Device driver 
  • Database driver 

DataService Device Driver API 

The device driver API provides access to the online data of all connected devices. This means that the device memory of the message series can be directly addressed and read out. Output channels such as analogue and digital outputs, but also software channels such as flags can be written directly.  

DataService Database Driver API

The database driver enables access to the ProfiSignal software page. Channels can be created in DataService and used in ProfiSignal projects in the same way as channels of Delphin's own measuring and test devices. The advantages of the DataService database, such as reliable archiving of measurement data, even of large amounts of data, and reading out the data, can also be used with the database driver API.  

Combination of device driver and database driver API 

The combination of the two software interfaces enables complete compatibility with third-party hardware and software.  

OPC / OPC UA Server/Client 

The OPC/OPC UA standard enables the simple and convenient exchange of data with other systems, e.g. programmable logic controllers or software systems. OPC is used where sensors and controllers, as well as controllers from different manufacturers, form a common, flexible network. Without OPC/OPC UA, different devices would need precise knowledge of each other's communication capabilities.   

Delphin offers both OPC/OPC UA client and OPC/OPC UA server for data exchange with other hardware but also software.  


By means of the OPC client, data from third-party hardware and software is transferred to the Delphin DataService in order to archive it continuously in the DataService database together with other measurement data and to make it available to ProfiSignal applications. With the ProfiSignal software, measurement data from different plants, sensors or software systems are combined, archived and visualised in a clear way. The analysis of the measurement data in diagram form, the data export as well as the writing of parameters into OPC channels is done in exactly the same way as if working with the Delphin measurement and test equipment.  


With the OPC server, the measurement data of the Delphin measuring and testing devices, as well as all channels of other systems available in the ProfiSignal software, are made available. Reliable data exchange takes place via a standard TCP/IP connection using server-client technology. 

As an extension, there is the additional function OPC UA HA (Server), which provides access to already stored and historical data. The prerequisite for this is the OPC/OPC UA server.  

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The Python library stands for access to the measurement data of the Delphin measuring and testing devices and the database in hds format (binary format). The Python library is used in conjunction with the 64-bit Windows DLL of the DataService API. This then allows access to the hds files from Python scripts. The Python library requires Python version 3.7.x.x or higher. In addition to the Python interface, comprehensive documentation is also included. This describes further details and contains a general example that demonstrates the reading of measurement data from a data set. 

Writing and reading is done by means of Phython programs that access the Delphin measuring and test equipment and software (Analog API interface). 

Modbus TCP Client / Server 

With the additional function Modbus TCP Client/Server, the DataService/Data Center is a communication protocol that enables data exchange between a master and several slaves.  

The information protocol ensures that a master device and one or more slave devices are connected to each other. In this way, for example, different measuring devices can be controlled by a PC or can transmit data back to it.

The practical advantage of this method is simply that the different Modbus variants all use a common application protocol, which makes the communication processes in industry much simpler. This technique ensures a universal for the communication of automation technology devices.  

Delphin offers both Modbus TCP Client and Server for data exchange.  


The device driver transfers all data provided by the DataService/Data Center online to DASYLab™ and thus enables the direct processing of measured values in the measurement data acquisition software. The Delphin device driver for DASYLab™ is very well structured. The complete data transfer is simply controlled via two modules. 

The input module receives data and makes it available to the user in DASYLab™. The settings familiar and typical of DASYLab™ can be made in the configuration dialogue. An automatic function that can be activated decides itself on the ideal block size of the values to be transmitted and makes the user's work considerably easier. The output module takes care of the transmission of the outgoing data to the Delphin hardware.  

Product highlights

  • Simple input and output of measurement data 
  • Direct implementation of the device driver in DASYLab™ 
  • Fast data access 
  • Use of the software channels of the ProfiMessage D devices 
  • Transmission of precalculated FFT data 
  • DASYLab™ 8 and 9 to 12 
  • DASYLab™ specific applications with Delphin hardware 


Delphin has developed a special instrument driver with which the Delphin measuring and test instruments can be used very easily and comfortably with LabVIEW™. The driver consists of predefined VIs (virtual instruments) which are automatically copied into the corresponding LabVIEW™ folder during installation. This means that the instrument driver is directly available in LabVIEW™ in the function palette. Thus, the Delphin products can be used with the already familiar and well-known procedures from LabVIEW™. 

Product highlights

  • Transmission of measurement data 
  • Set analogue and digital output channels 
  • On- and offline access to measurement data 
  • Access to databases 
  • Help files and examples to get you started