One system for multi-channel applications

The Delphin channel temperature measuring device is a high-precision multi-channel temperature measuring device and temperature data logger for temperature measurement with thermocouples.

Multi-channel temperature measuring devices 

The temperature measuring device is specially designed to cover multi-channel temperature measurement (16-, 32-, 48- or 64-channel temperature measurement) for industrial, research and development, laboratory and test stand applications.


Users use the system, among other things, for temperature measurement tasks in the development of: 

  • Gas turbines 
  • Boilers 
  • Furnaces and firing systems 


Product features and characteristics of the temperature measurement device 

The multi-channel temperature measuring device achieves a typical measuring accuracy of up to 0.2 K absolute. This high measuring accuracy in the temperature range distinguishes the multi-channel temperature measuring device from many competitive products.

Universal thermocouple connectors in a (Cu/Cu) material combination enable users to connect any type of thermocouple via miniature thermocouple connectors with flat pins. This system benefits from the thermocouples being quick and easy to reconnect following each experiment run. 

If the measurement task requires more than 64 channels, the system can be extended via a CAN bus. The 64 multi-channel temperature measuring device is designed as a 19-inch unit. 

The housing is aluminium and is suitable for instrument cabinet installation or as a table-top device. It is powered via an IEC connector with 230V AC. 

A LAN interface with an RJ45 port is available for connecting the 64 multi-channel temperature measuring device to company networks. 

multi-channel temperature measuring device for multi-channel applications for measurement in research and development as well as in laboratory and test bench applications.


Configuration of the multichannel temperature measurement 

The channel temperature measuring device achieves its high measuring accuracy of 0.2 K through specially developed thermoblocks with integrated cold junction compensation. The special design of the connection sockets with integrated cold junction compensation suppresses fluctuations of the ambient temperature and ensures long-term stable measurements. 

It has 4 thermoblocks, each with 16 universal and galvanically isolated inputs for temperature measurement. The following thermocouple types are supported: B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U. 

Each thermoblock has an integrated 4-wire Pt100 sensor (class A) for measuring the reference temperature. Due to the special mechanical construction, calibration and performed cold junction compensation, the system achieves a typical measuring accuracy of 0.2 K. 

The measured thermoelectric voltage at the connection sockets is converted directly in the device by the stored temperature curves in degrees Celsius and stored. Thus, no additional measuring transducers are required. The internal data memory has a capacity of up to 14 GB, which corresponds to a recording duration of approx. 70 days. 

The system is designed as a 19″-system and is suitable for applications that require highly accurate temperature measurement with thermocouples.