Complete systems

For measurement and automation tasks that have special requirements, Delphin delivers complete systems with options and functions to enable optimal adaptation to any application.

Your expert for complete systems for measurement and automation tasks

Alongside the complete systems listed here are many ready-to-use systems for measurement and automation requirements in the fields of measurement data acquisition, diagnostics, quality assurance, experiments and testing as well as laboratory and test stand automation.

Complete systems are supplied with the corresponding software and are therefore ready for immediate use.

measuring case from delphin

Measuring case

The most powerful measurement case in the field of professional and mobile measurement data acquisition.

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luminaire test device

Luminaire testing device

With the luminaire testing device, fully automated the functions of electrical and heat testing according to EN 60598-1.

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19 inch system control cabinets

19"-racks and instrument cabinets

Special set-ups in 19" technology and/or control cabinet solutions are built individually according to requirements and technical needs.

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multi-channel temperature measuring device

Multi-channel temperature measuring device

Multi-channel temperature measuring device for multi-channel applications for measurement in research and development as well as in the laboratory and test stand area.

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universal tester

Universal testing device

The universal testing device can be used to carry out a wide range of measuring and automation tasks in the laboratory and in testing.

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