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With the ProfiSignal 20 software, solution energy consumption can be automatically recorded, managed and made available centrally.

Professional energy data management software

ProfiSignal 20 for your energy management

The prices for energy are rising drastically. While the price of electricity in Europe has risen by 6 % annually since the turn of the millennium, companies sometimes have to deal with price jumps of up to 580 % compared to the previous year. The situation is no better for natural gas. In April 2022, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) recorded a 105 % increase in gas prices - and current discussions in politics show that prices will continue to rise.

Efficient, economical use of energy, effective load management and detailed energy controlling are the most important factors for companies to ensure their competitiveness and future viability in the long term. With ProfiSignal 20, we offer a software solution that combines the monitoring and supervision of energy data, visualisation and analysis as well as the preparation for reporting and controlling in one application. ProfiSignal 20 enables the monitoring of all energy flows within your company, reliably uncovers unused optimisation potential and actively supports you in significantly reducing energy costs. Learn all about the possibilities offered by using the professional energy data management software from us here.

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What are the benefits of energy management?

Energy is a valuable resource and now accounts for one of the largest cost factors in the manufacturing industry. In many companies, however, the energy item is still treated as a subordinate topic - and managed in confusing, endless tables, lists or individual documents. These isolated solutions, which are more makeshift than useful, may allow a brief overview of the energy situation in the company. However, these approaches neither offer a quick visualisation of key figures nor do they enable the discovery of energy saving potentials. In order to reduce energy costs and at the same time be able to act more economically, more and more companies are now relying on energy management - a combination of different measures that are intended to ensure the lowest possible energy input for a required performance. Energy management refers to existing processes and systems, structural conditions and human behaviour. The goal of all measures in the field of energy management: to reduce the consumption of energy, raw materials, auxiliary materials and additives.

Energy management software as an interface solution

Energy is used in numerous areas in a company. Production, warehouse, administration or cold storage: in the end, many individual consumers make up the sum of the total energy demand. Just as numerous and distributed throughout the company are the responsibilities for the respective areas of responsibility. For a consolidation of the individual data sources in the sense of efficient energy management, real interface specialists are needed. With ProfiSignal 20, we provide a software-based interface solution that automatically manages and centralises all energy data of a company. This gives those responsible direct access to all relevant data relating to energy management. This saves time and reduces the effort noticeably.

Energy management according to ISO 50001

The ISO 50001

A management system standard published in 2011 that represents the international standard for energy management systems. The latest edition of the DIN EN ISO 50001:2018-12 standard was published in August 2018.

The standard can be applied by small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies or public authorities. ISO 50001 provides the framework conditions for effective energy management, while compliance with the formulated requirements can be individually tailored to each company's own needs.

With a Guide supports the Federal Environment Agency in implementing an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.

Our ProfiSignal 20 energy management software was developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001 and guarantees 100% compliance with the guidelines defined by the standard.

Certification: Simple through energy management software

The certification of a company in accordance with ISO 50001 is a long-term, organic process that takes place in several stages. The certification process for energy management is as follows:

  • Integration of an energy management system into the company's structures
  • Review of effectiveness through internal audits
  • Selection of a suitable certification body and conclusion of a contract
  • Pre-audit (optional) to clarify ambiguities or eliminate defects
  • Certification audit part I: Review of the documentation of the energy management system, site assessment and determination of readiness for audit stage II
  • Certification audit part II: Review of the effectiveness of the implemented energy management system and its conformity with ISO 50001. Additional re-examination of the documentation.
  • Preparation of an audit report and evaluation of the results
  • Final meeting for a detailed overview of the certification process
  • Only in the event of deviations or non-compliance with ISO 50001: follow-up audit to check previously defined improvement measures

The certification of a company in accordance with ISO 50001 is valid for three years. As the standard requires a continuous improvement process, companies must carry out annual surveillance audits during the three years, which are essential as a basis for successful recertification.

With the right software, you have a solid foundation for successful ISO 50001 certification right from the start. The ProfiSignal 20 solution, specially developed for the requirements of modern energy management, maps energy structures in an easily accessible way, is completely platform-independent, can be fully adapted to any company's needs and is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 50001. Delphin Technology is your reliable partner on the way to your certification!

BaFA funding for its energy management software

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BaFA) supports companies and organizations in the field of energy optimization with attractive subsidies.

Energy management too Software that conforms to ISO 50001 is recognized by BaFA as eligible for funding.

Software is supported and hardware that supports energy management systems and evaluates metrological data for an energy assessment. The software must be structured according to the PDCA cycle and offer the possibility of meeting the energy target set by the company in the areas of controlling and monitoring. Further information on the requirements for funding can be found under the following link:

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We would be happy to advise you personally on our BaFA-eligible ProfiSignal 20 software - just give us a call!

ProfiSignal: Consistent energy management from the field level to the management level 

As a complete solution for applications in the field of measured value acquisition and analysis, data visualisation and process control, ProfiSignal 20 is ideal for seamless energy management from the field level to the management level.

ProfiSignal completely maps the individual structures of a company - from each individual machine or system to the hall overview of individual production sites to the holistic overview of all consumption points. All current operating parameters can be evaluated independently of platform and location, no matter where you are. With suitable diagram types for a wide range of applications, a powerful display of measured values, process visualisation without programming effort and modern interface and operating concepts, ProfiSignal provides a simple, quick entry into the energy management of the future:

Product highlights

  • Visualisation and analysis of all collected data
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Reporting and controlling
  • Simple data import and export
  • Customisable dashboards for each user
software solution profisignal 20, which is iso5001-compliant for recording energy consumption.

Energy data management software for industry and buildings  

The high scalability and modular structure make ProfiSignal one of the most powerful software solutions in the field of energy data management. Especially in the industrial environment, but also in building management, ProfiSignal can make the most of its many advantages. One of the great advantages is the simple, problem-free connection of existing, external hardware.

Whether energy meters, measuring devices for power quality measurement, multi-function or multi-channel current meters: ProfiSignal allows you to connect a wide variety of devices via the measurement network or interfaces, for example Modbus TCP. No matter whether you want to monitor only a few or thousands of channels at the same time - ProfiSignal supports you in creating complex and extensive process visualisations and in controlling as part of the energy data management in your company or buildings.

Energy monitoring close to production

In order to detect peak loads in production and prevent energy waste, data must be recorded where consumption takes place: Directly at the machine, in the plants and at manual workstations. ProfiSignal is optimally suited for production-related energy monitoring. The acquisition and processing of measurement data from digital meters, machine controls or measuring terminals with a dense sampling frequency and without loss of information, a clear assignment of characteristics and time values and, of course, the presentation of energy data from production as figures, graphics or in tables - ProfiSignal adapts flexibly to every individual need in the field of energy monitoring.

Linking hardware to software

For an optimal data flow, hardware and software must harmonise perfectly in the field of energy data management. Sensors, data loggers, measuring devices that exchange data on different channels via various interfaces: In order for energy management to be successful throughout the company, the software used must be a true multi-talent. ProfiSignal's basic structure is already designed for a reliable link between hardware and software - and it is manufacturer-independent! No matter whether you rely on Delphin or third-party hardware for your energy monitoring: ProfiSignal communicates well with all common interfaces that are available in your company.

Intelligent energy management in industry

The digital transformation enables intelligent energy management in the industrial environment, which is far more than "just" a measure to save costs and increase energy efficiency. ProfiSignal is a holistic, future-proof software solution that provides companies with an optimal tool for managing energy data. ProfiSignal is suitable as software for comprehensive energy monitoring as well as a basis for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance. All data that accumulates in industrial production can be processed by ProfiSignal - and analysed, visualised and further processed regardless of location. Why not talk to us right away about intelligent energy management for industry - we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting!

Active load management

With active load management, the available power can be optimally distributed to all consumers within the company without overloading the site's grid connection power. This reduces the costs for the provision and use of energy, prevents load peaks and enables individual prioritisation logics. ProfiSignal supports your company in actively controlling power consumption. Cap peaks in production and smooth out power peaks: ProfiSignal makes energy consumption transparent, enables the identification of optimisation potential and serves as a basis for dynamic load shifting.

Decentralised energy management system with Delphin software

With the ProfiSignal software solution, you can rely on a modern, future-proof energy management system. From the recording of energy consumption to the visualisation of key figures and condition monitoring: ProfiSignal is far more than just a software for energy data recording! Benefit from one of the most powerful software solutions in the field of decentralised energy management:

Product highlights

  • Enterprise-wide energy analysis
  • High scalability and adaptability to every individual need
  • Location-independent access to the platform
  • Intuitive operation without programming effort
  • Integration of all types of hardware can be realised in a short period of time
  • Effective reduction of energy costs through intelligent load management

ProfiSignal is an energy management system that can be flexibly adapted to the actual needs of your company. The modular structure of the solution makes ProfiSignal the individual energy management system software for any size of company - without expensive programming work or lengthy, time-consuming training and education sessions. Keep it simple - ProfiSignal inspires with customisable dashboards, platform- and location-independent access and maximum reliability in daily use.

Would you like to learn more about our future-oriented energy management system or discuss a specific project with our experts? We will be happy to assist you at any time by telephone. Why not give us a call right now!