Service agreements

With the service for you to look after and ensure the functions of your measurement technology equipment.

Our service for you

Nowadays a high level of machine availability is required not only in production facilities but also in research and development, laboratories and in the service sectors.

Delphin products provide high availability, maintain value, and represent a long-term investment with assurances got functionality and support.

Delphin offers service agreements for the systems it delivers thereby guaranteeing a high level of machine availability.

Delphin service agreements include the following options

  • Fixed response times concerning telephone support
  • Fixed response times for on-site call-out and repairs (when possible)
  • Fixed response times for on-site maintenance for ProfiSignal applications
  • Fixed response times for remote maintenance of applications via internet connections
  • Free of charge ProfiSignal software updates

Request a quote from us that is tailored to your specific requirements and equipment.

Benefits of a service agreement

  • Short response times and specialist telephone support
  • Guaranteed machine availability
  • Fast support, including on-site visits, in the event of a malfunction
  • Multiple-year functionality guarantee including for specific applications