Clear automation

ProfiSignal Klicks enables you to create your automated application with visualisation and process control without long training periods.

Automation with ProfiSignal Klicks 

ProfiSignal Klicks is an automation software with which you can operate, observe and control your tests as well as record and evaluate measurement data. You as the user do not need to learn a programming language at all.

The structure diagram allows you to structure each programme step of your application in a clear, interlinked manner and thus always maintain an overview. Every test sequence, trial and process sequence can be represented in the form of a structure diagram with just a few graphic building blocks.  

With the ProfiSignal Klicks automation software, the creation of individual reports with diagrams, tables, comments, etc., which are generated automatically, e.g. according to your test sequence, will considerably reduce your documentation effort. 

Through the simple creation of visual diagrams and the intuitive programming technique, you as the user create your application directly. These are generated from simple representations with simple on/off switches to complex process sequences or test stand applications with parameter entries, process sequences via visualisation and automatic reporting. ProfiSignal Klicks contains all the functions of ProfiSignal Go and ProfiSignal Basic

Product highlights

  • Automation functions through ready-made context menus and programme texts
  • Preparation of recipes and management of test parameters 
  • Versatile operating and monitoring functions 
    • Push-button, slide and toggle switches 
    • Input fields, selection and check boxes 
    • Analogue and digital displays, signal lamps 
    • Tanks 
    • Tables 
    • Images for customised design 
    • Background images e.g. system diagram, drawings, photos 
  • Synchronous / asynchronous execution of multiple applications through multiprocessing 
  • SQL interface for database connection (optional) 
  • Creation of comprehensive and individual reports
automation software to operate, monitor and control experiments as well as record and evaluate measurement data.

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Solutions with ProfiSignal Klicks

  • Test stand automation with visualisation and operation 
  • Creation of sequence controls 
  • Test parameter and recipe management 
  • Laboratory automation 
  • Product testing 
  • Automation of measurement tasks

Additional functions, like Vibro or Alarm management as well as various Interfaces, complet the software package.