Alarm management

Systematic management of alarms in process control and data acquisition systems.

Important additional functions for monitoring and alerting

AlarmManagement is an additional function that supplements your measurement data acquisition and/or process automation with numerous alarm functions. While product and production data are often monitored in automation technology, in the area of preventive maintenance it is a matter of system parameters to ensure operation and prevent damage. In the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, alarm management is a frequently used means of ensuring both plant safety and product quality.

Product highlights

  • Structured creation of alarms and alarm classes 
  • Alarm recording is accurate to the millisecond with date and time 
  • Continuous logging of alarms in a separate message archive 
  • Comprehensive filter functions 
  • Analysis and access to both online and historical data with a direct jump to the alarm, even with pre and post history 

Software add-on

The additional AlarmManagement function is available for the software versions ProfiSignal Basic oder ProfiSignal Klicks

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Systematic generation of alarms  

To avoid floods of alarms, it is essential to set up a systematic alarm management system. For this purpose, the additional AlarmManagement function provides alarm classes and priorities. Important, process-relevant alarms are immediately displayed in clear alarm tables, while notes and warnings appear on other charts.  

Further filter functions enable the user to quickly and easily find and analyse the alarms that are relevant to him.

Alarm and action  

Alarm notification in clear tables is an important function of alarm management systems. The notification of responsible persons by e-mail or SMS directly with the most important parameters is one of the necessary tasks of such a system. Under certain circumstances, it may even be necessary to intervene directly and automatically in the process. For this purpose, the alarm management system offers the possibility to directly change output channels and thus intervene in the process or, in the simplest case, to activate alarm sirens.

Acknowledgement and commentary  

Depending on the alarm class and relevance of the triggered alarm, it must be acknowledged by authorised persons. Acknowledgement takes place by means of user logon to the system, as well as the necessary comments directly via the alarm table (if the alarm was defined in this way). User management with user groups and individual users with user name/password is directly included in the scope of alarm management.  

Analysis of historical alarms   

Numerous filter functions are available in the alarm lists for analysing the alarms. By continuously logging all messages and acknowledgements, it is possible at any time to check and analyse even historical alarm messages that are currently hidden. With a simple mouse click, you can jump to the analysis trend and evaluate the pre- and post-history, alarm origins and their consequences.