All consumption at a glance with the complete energy management solution from Delphin

complete energy management solution

Delphin Technology AG offers an ISO 50001-eligible complete energy management solution that identifies all energy consumers in the company and reveals optimisation potential.

Previously missing knowledge about energy consumption, load peaks and their correlations with other process data are gained with this solution. A basis is laid for efficiency increases that bring directly measurable financial relief.

Precision measurement technology is used for metrological recording, which records and pre-processes the energy and process data of any source with the help of flexible analogue and digital signal inputs as well as versatile interfaces such as OPC UA and Modbus TCP. The use of Rogowski current transformers eliminates the need to connect and disconnect power conductors. The high temporal resolution of the measured value acquisition in the range of seconds enables particularly detailed analyses.

The synchronisation and storage of the distributed energy and process data is carried out centrally in the Delphin Data Center - the reliable solution for central measurement data management.

The ProfiSignal 20 measurement software is available for the visualisation and analysis of the collected data, independent of location and platform. This means that the necessary information and all relevant parameters are optimally prepared and available at all levels of the company - on any terminal device such as smartphone, tablet and PC. This saves time, significantly shortens reaction times and noticeably reduces the administrative effort.

As an ideal supplement, Delphin Technology offers a special energy measurement case. Especially in the set-up phase of an energy management system, this mobile solution can be used to quickly identify energy consumers and analyse their energy efficiency without installation effort. Delphin Technology's proven precision measurement technology is also used in the measurement case.

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