Centralised measurement data management using the Delphin Data Center


With its Delphin Data Center, Delphin Technology AG is launching onto the market an innovative, forward-looking full software solution that enables systems, machines and test stands to be networked for measurement purposes, regardless of the age, location or interfaces of the wide variety of data sources. The Delphin Data Center reliably meets all the requirements of centralised measurement data management: from distributed and source-independent data acquisition and loss-free data compression through to pre-processing, and instant, global access to current and historical measurement data. The Delphin Data Center makes the networking problems in measurement technology a thing of the past!

The Delphin Data Center merges, synchronises, intelligently pre-processes and jointly analyses, measurement and process data from any source. Interfaces such as OPC UA, OPC DA, Modbus TCP, ASCII-DLL, API as well as serial interfaces are available as standard and allow combining of different data formats. By using calculation routines that are closely aligned to hardware, the Delphin Data Center can process up to 10 million data records per second! The Delphin Data Center also uses data compression to optimise storage and performance, and software channels to provide extensive online functions for calculating and analysing measurement data. It also has cross-system user and alarm management. Automated export of measurement data, e.g. into an ASCII or CSV format, is also possible. Configuring the Delphin Data Center requires no programming knowledge. A particularly high degree of data security can be achieved when Delphin data loggers located close to the processes are used to store data, with the data then being accessed and centrally archived via a scheduler integrated into the Delphin Data Center.

ProfiSignal, as a proven software package, is available to visualise and analyse the data. It can be extended with the browser-based add-on ProfiSignal Web to provide worldwide mobile access. For both software systems, the Delphin Data Center provides current and historical measurement data instantly and continuously. Permanent data storage, e.g. on a NAS drive, can also be initiated by the Delphin Data Center. Alerts can be forwarded to a control centre and, in the event of an alarm, automatic emails and textmessages sent.

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