Individual and flexible – Measurement cases for mobile measurement


Delphin Technology AG is significantly expanding its range of measurement cases due to their great success. Measurement cases in cost-effective standard configuration are now available in addition to customised solutions from the 5-step system. Standard configured models are based on years of expertise and customer requests and have been developed for frequently occurring measurement requirements especially in the following: fault value recording, condition monitoring, energy data acquisition, multi-channel precision temperature measurement, vibration analysis, acceptance measurements, quality assurance, service and commissioning.

Measurement cases use precision measurement technology according to user requirements. Such technology might be the compact data loggers from the Loggito series, highly modular measurement technology from the Message series, the interface wonders of the Expert series, complex vibration measurement technology with Expert Vibro, or a combination of different systems

Acquired measurement data is stored fail-safe in the measuring case and can be read out and analysed either when mobile or at a PC workstation. Any other components required for the application are also installed in the measurement cases, e.g. transducers, transmitters and other measurement components.

The sensors, actuators and signals are connected via detachable connectors that are integrated into the front panel. The connection type can be selected according to requirements (laboratory jacks, screw terminals, thermominiature jacks, etc.). This ensures maximum flexibility and avoids a clutter of cables.

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