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Performing measurement tasks spontaneously and without great effort is becoming increasingly important on machines, systems or in laboratories. A compact tabletop device can now be set up quickly and the sensors can be connected without the use of tools.

For many applications in production, additional data acquisition offers added value. This requires decentralized monitoring of different types of measurement data - ideally with minimal wiring and set-up effort. The company Delphin Technology from Bergisch Gladbach offers the LoggitoLab desktop device for this requirement. The user can decide whether a stand-alone data logger, the LoggitoLab Logger, or a PC-supported data logger, the LoggitoLab USB, is required. The logger is suitable when PC-independent operation with fail-safe internal data storage and intelligent analysis functions are required. There is an optional server functionality for the logger, which can be used to visualize and analyse measurement data directly on a smartphone or tablet. The WLAN interface makes the user independent of the existing network infrastructure. LoggitoLab USB can be extended for the LoggitoLab logger if more channels are required or PC-supported measurement data acquisition is planned. The USB version offers the same precise measured value acquisition and connection options as the LoggitoLab Logger at a reasonable price. Power is supplied and measured values are transmitted via the USB cable supplied. The sensors are often already present on the systems and in the laboratory. For laboratory sockets, the desktop device offers the connection of U, I and R signals as well as thermocouple sockets for the direct connection of any thermocouples or even a combination. All connection variants have eight analog inputs and two software-switchable digital inputs/outputs. The dimensions of D x W x H are approx. 150 mm x 190 mm x 80 mm and the device weighs just under 800 g. The variants are available both for the stand-alone data logger and for PC-supported data logging.


The most important basis for measurement data acquisition is the quality and universality of the signal inputs and outputs. Different measured variables often have to be recorded simultaneously at a specific location - for example temperature, pressure and voltage signals. In order to monitor and control processes, digital inputs and switching outputs are often required in addition to the analog inputs. The desktop device covers these requirements. Regardless of the connection variant, it has eight universal, differential analog inputs. Depending on the connection variant, any current/voltage and temperature signals can be recorded here.

The analog inputs of the LoggitoLab devices offer a resolution of 24 bits and have a measuring accuracy of 0.01 percent of the full scale value for voltage, current and resistance measurements. The devices also have two software-switchable digital inputs/outputs with frequency measurement, counting and PWM functions.

performing measurement tasks spontaneously and without great effort is becoming increasingly important on machines, systems or in laboratories. a compact tabletop device can now be set up quickly and the sensors can be connected without the use of tools.

The LoggitoLab benchtop measuring device from Delphin Technology is a compact measurement data laboratory for a wide range of applications.


In many applications, there is no permanent connection to a measuring computer or PLC. In such cases, it is important that the recorded measurement data is stored in a recording device. The device should also be able to take over control tasks autonomously. For example, if a rapid emergency shutdown of a system is required due to a limit value being exceeded. Ideally, the device should have so much internal intelligence that it can take over the (partial) automation of processes.

An optional 4 GB or 8 GB internal data memory can be ordered for the data logger, which can store up to 240 million measured values. The data memory is of industrial quality to prevent data loss. Thanks to the device's internal intelligence in the form of so-called software channels, LoggitoLab Logger can not only solve simple control tasks, but also implement complex logic circuits. This enables the devices to monitor and automate processes and trigger alarms even without a connected PC.


In times of advancing digitalization, both horizontal M2M communication and vertical communication to other company levels and the cloud are becoming increasingly important. When selecting a data collection device, it is important to ensure that modern communication standards are supported. The open communication standard OPC UA, which enables manufacturer- and platform-independent data exchange, should be mentioned here first and foremost. LoggitoLab Logger enables communication via OPC UA, Modbus TCP or user-defined protocols via the integrated LAN and USB interfaces. As a special feature, an OPC UA HA server interface is available for the logger. The OPC UA standard can also be used to access historical measured values. This function is currently required by more and more users.

Thanks to the optional server functionality, the tabletop device transmits the data directly to a tablet or smartphone via WLAN. Here, the platform-independent Prosignal 20 software from Delphin is a supplement to enable visualization and control of ongoing processes directly in the field via a mobile device. The display and operating concept are optimized for the respective platform. The software completely maps the structures. From the hall overview to each individual machine or system. From the test laboratory to the respective test bench. When users use their mobile devices, they can check the current operating parameters of individual plant components or machines.


With the SCACH function, an individual QR code attached to each machine can be scanned with the camera of a smartphone or tablet to call up individual measured value diagrams or the complete system visualization. In this way, users only have to go to the system parts whose measured values are currently of interest. The Prosignal 20 project can also be used to display the data on a desktop PC.

The LoggitoLab devices offer universal isolated analog inputs with high measurement accuracy, software-switchable digital inputs and outputs with frequency measurement, counting and PWM functions as well as future-proof interfaces. Thanks to the internal data memory and intelligence, the LoggitoLab logger is suitable for stand-alone use and for the independent monitoring and control of systems.

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