Mobile measurement data acquisition - indispensable in the industry

Mobile data acquisition in the industry

Whether condition monitoring, fault analysis or commissioning measurement - the requirements for mobile measurement data acquisition are not only individual, but also demanding. So what is the best way to meet specific requirements and what should you pay attention to? We present you with a solution that provides the required data for any measurement task at any location - reliably, precisely and securely.

The need for measurement monitoring of a wide variety of assets continues to grow. Even small machines and devices such as pumps or drives need to be monitored and their condition analyzed in order to detect impending damage at an early stage and thus prevent failure by repairing or replacing them. On the other hand, if faults occur, the cause should be found as quickly as possible so that remedial action can be taken. For many smaller devices, the permanent installation of measurement technology is uneconomical or not even possible due to space constraints. In addition, it is often sufficient to carry out measurements only at certain intervals, as damage often develops slowly. Cyclically recurring measurements such as the condition testing of safety devices, e.g. quick-closing valves, are also part of this area of responsibility. Another measurement task, which ultimately amounts to the same requirement, is acceptance or commissioning measurements on newly installed or overhauled (refurbished) systems and machines. These measurements are not carried out on a recurring basis, but only once, as the aim is simply to ensure proper functioning after installation and to adjust the operating parameters correctly. For this reason, it is not worth permanently installing measurement technology here either. Another large field in which flexible, non-stationary measurement technology is required is research and development. Here, measurement setups change frequently, as tests have to be regularly adapted and designed for the new measurement task. The new set-up is often located in a neighboring laboratory or building, meaning that the measurement technology has to be "relocated". Flexible, mobile measurement technology that can be individually adapted to the respective measurement task is therefore required for the tasks mentioned. What is the best way to meet this requirement and what should you look out for?


One of the basic requirements is that the solution is optimally suited to the measurement task, but also offers sufficient protection in harsh environmental conditions and is easy to transport. Delphin Technology offers the right solution for every challenge of this kind in the form of its individually configurable measuring cases. The outer skin of the measuring cases is made of resistant plastic that is not affected by dusty or wet ambient conditions or other environmental influences. All interfaces of the case are also protected up to IP67 by the use of sealed cable glands. Larger versions with castors are available for more extensive measuring tasks. Thanks to the wide-range power supply unit included as standard, the measuring cases are equipped for worldwide use.

whether condition monitoring, fault analysis or commissioning measurement - the requirements for mobile measurement data acquisition are not only individual, but also demanding. so how can specific requirements best be met and what should you pay attention to? we present you with a solution that provides the necessary data for every measurement task at every location - reliably, precisely and securely.

With the customized measuring cases, every mobile measuring task can be solved with minimal installation and configuration effort. THE BUILT-IN PRECISION MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY ENSURES HIGH QUALITY MEASUREMENT RESULTS AND DATA SECURITY.

Dr. Sven Jodlauk, Product Manager,
Delphin Technology AG


The sensors and actuators are connected to the measuring case via its I/O interfaces, which are used to record, store and process the measurement signals and output control signals. At least as important are its interfaces, which are required for communication with existing field devices, mobile or stationary computers and the cloud. A fail-safe internal data memory is also essential to ensure that the recorded measurement data is stored securely. For many applications, an internal "intelligence" in the case is also helpful, which can be used to pre-process measured values or, ideally, automate entire measurement sequences. The intelligent MSR systems from Delphin Technology form the heart of the measuring cases. Various devices can be used here, tailored to the respective application, from the compact Loggito logger for low-channel measurement data acquisition to the interface professionals of the Expert Logger series and the modular ProfiMessage measurement data acquisition system. If vibration data is also to be recorded, Expert Vibro is also installed as a specialist for vibration measurement technology.


All measuring cases have universal, galvanically isolated analog inputs in common, which enable the non-reactive connection of any sensors for measuring voltages, currents, resistances, temperatures and any derived variables, while ensuring high measuring accuracy. This opens up a wide range of possibilities with just one measuring case. All recorded measurement data is stored fail-safe in the measuring case. Interfaces such as Profibus, Profinet, Modbus TCP and RTU, as well as OPC UA, enable any conceivable communication to all levels of the company and to the cloud. WLAN and LTE for wireless communication are also available. The software channels are a special feature of the Delphin measurement cases. This not only makes it possible to link measured values with each other and perform complex calculations such as derivation and integration, but also to automate complete measurement sequences. The automatic execution of a setpoint curve or temperature stabilization using a PID controller, for example, reduce the amount of work involved in carrying out measurements and open up a wide range of possibilities. The measuring cases from Delphin are assembled individually and therefore always have exactly the I/Os that are required for the respective measuring task. If, for example, vibrations and temperatures or pressures need to be recorded and analyzed simultaneously for condition monitoring, the required number of channels can be implemented, for example by installing an Expert Vibro in combination with an Expert Logger or a ProfiMessage device. A special feature here is the absolutely time-synchronous recording of the different input signals. This makes it easy to analyze the various measured variables together and compare them with each other. Correlations can thus be recognized at a glance.


In addition to the I/O interfaces and data acquisition, many different other components may be required for the respective measurement task, e.g. an interface converter, a power meter or an energy meter. In addition, plug connections must be available so that the sensors can be easily connected without any time or installation effort. Delphin installs all the necessary components in the individual measuring cases as required. All existing connections and interfaces of the installed MSR systems and other components are wired to the stable front panel and provided with engraved labeling. The type of connections (laboratory sockets, screw terminals, etc.) can be freely selected.


whether condition monitoring, fault analysis or commissioning measurement - the requirements for mobile measurement data acquisition are not only individual, but also demanding. so how can specific requirements best be met and what should you pay attention to? we present you with a solution that provides the necessary data for every measurement task at every location - reliably, precisely and securely.

The software brings measured values and system visualizations live to the display of smartphones, tablets and PCs


A measurement case with precision measurement technology is the indispensable basis for any mobile measurement task. But how can the measurement results be visualized and analysed? This requires measurement technology software that displays the measurement results on the screen without delay - preferably not only on a PC, but also on a tablet or smartphone. It would also be ideal if not only measurement curves but also entire system visualizations could be displayed so that the operating status of all components can be seen at a glance. Delphin Technology offers a tailor-made solution with its platform-independent measurement technology software ProfiSignal 20. ProfiSignal 20 Go displays the measured values live on smartphones, tablets and PCs. A large selection of versatile, configurable diagram types is available, for example the multi-track diagram. This can be used, for example, to identify the temporal relationship between switching signals from relays, contactors and PLCs and the change in analogue measured values at a glance during a fault analysis. The use of hardware-related calculation routines enables the seamless display of live data and historical measured values. Powerful statistical functions for data analysis, a recorder function for carrying out series tests and measurement data export in various file formats round off the range of functions offered by ProfiSignal 20 Go. The "Basic" version of ProfiSignal 20 also enables the creation of individual diagrams for the visualization and control of processes and measurement tasks. A variety of operating and monitoring elements can be combined to create user-defined dashboards. One feature of ProfiSignal 20 that is particularly useful when using the measuring case is the innovative SCACH function. A simple scan of a QR code attached to the system using a smartphone or tablet is enough to bring selected machine data or a complete system visualization to the display of the mobile device. Simple and practical - an ideal tool for maintenance.


No matter where data needs to be measured, recorded and processed, the mobile measuring case can be used. The spectrum ranges from condition monitoring and temporary system monitoring to performance measurement in large processes or for fault analysis. As well as measuring data, the integrated PLC control functions of the Delphin data logger make it possible to implement test setups, e.g. for test stands. Remote alarm monitoring, Scada functions and long-term recordings can be implemented intuitively and without programming knowledge using the "Data Center" and "ProfiSignal" software. Built-in network functions such as Ethernet, WLAN or 4G/LTE make self-sufficient use in the field easy. Measurement and control data can be retrieved from anywhere in the world using Delphin software.

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