SQL interface for data exchange with other databases

Programming interface to relational database systems to exchange data such as test item parameters or test results.


The SQL interface connects ProfiSignal readings with company and product databases or ERP systems (only for ProfiSignal Klicks software). The SQL interface enables data exchange with ODBC-based SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB5 and many other database systems.  

Easy reading of test parameters from test stand databases and writing back of results already pre-processed by ProfiSignal, as well as automated execution of SQL commands ensures effective test stand automation. 

The writing of measurement data into the database, or also, for example, the query of test item data, is done with the familiar SQL syntax.  

Product highlights

  • Connectivity with any ODBC-enabled database system 
  • Read/write access to relational databases 
  • Cross-operating system 
  • Standardised interface with SQL command set 
  • Flexible report generation with database contents 
  • Linking of measurement data with relational databases