The new Delphin Data Center – High performance connectivity


The Delphin Data Center has been significantly expanded by Delphin Technology AG. The software system for measurement data acquisition and centralised measurement data management has undergone numerous upgrades and optimisations and now also supports new business models such as "condition monitoring as a service".

The Delphin Data Center is being used for the worldwide metrological connection of plants, machines and test stands, independent of age, location or the interfaces of highly diverse data sources. From a single supplier, the software performs all the tasks of centralised measurement data management ranging from distributed and source-independent data acquisition, loss-free data compression, encryption and storage through to instant worldwide access to real-time and historical measurement data.

Data storage in binary measurement databases is now much more powerful. The new 64-bit architecture means the Delphin Data Center can now process up to 100 million measurements per second.

In addition to the already established interfaces of OPC DA, Modbus TCP, ASCII-DLL, SQL and API, the Delphin Data Center now also includes an OPC UA client interface to significantly simplify communications with all company levels and to the cloud.

The Delphin Data Center is available not only for Windows but also for Linux systems enabling any set-up to be realised, e.g. the central data server as a NAS drive.

A special feature of the new Delphin Data Center is that it enables machine or plant manufacturers to expand their business model by providing customers access to operational and status data of the assets they have purchased. The new "user-selective access rights" function ensures that clients only get access to the assets that belong to them. SSL encrypted transmission ensures constant data security and integrity.

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