Measuring vibrations - air gap measurement for perfect concentricity

Air gap measurement using an example

Air gap measurement offers a number of advantages that can take your vibration measurement application to a new level:

Early fault detection: By continuously monitoring the air gap, you can detect potential problems at an early stage before they lead to major failures. This enables preventive maintenance measures that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Precise analysis: The air gap measurement provides precise data on changes in the air gap, which can indicate various problems such as wear, alignment problems or thermal effects. These detailed insights enable targeted fault diagnosis and effective solutions to be found.

Reduction of downtimes: By proactively monitoring the air gap, you can minimize unplanned downtime and maximize system availability. This leads to an increase in the overall efficiency and profitability of your system.

Less interference: Compared to traditional vibration measurement, air gap measurement is less susceptible to interference from environmental influences. This enables reliable and accurate monitoring even under difficult operating conditions.

Delphin Technology - as a solution for perfect concentricity

At Delphin Technology, we offer customized solutions for air gap measurement that are tailored to your specific requirements and are optimal for the effective monitoring of rotating machines, generators or turbines.

Air gap measurement with air gap sensors is undoubtedly a key element in the effective monitoring of rotating machinery. To optimize this process and ensure maximum performance, Delphin offers measurement software as well as the appropriate measurement and test equipment for data acquisition.

Data analysis and monitoring is a comprehensive solution:

1. selection of the right sensors: There is a wide range of air gap sensors that have been specially developed for the requirements of air gap measurement. These sensors are characterized by their high precision, reliability and easy integration into existing systems.

2. careful calibration: With the powerful measurement software of Delphin, air gap sensors can be calibrated quickly and precisely. This ensures high measurement accuracy and reliability over a long period of time.

3. highly specialized measuring devices: The vibration device Expert Vibro offers a wide range of functions that can be used specifically for air gap measurement. With a high data resolution and synchronous and autonomous acquisition of up to 16 sensors, the smallest changes in the air gap can be reliably recorded and analyzed.

4. customized software solutions: The additional function Vibro within the ProfiSignal product family is specifically designed for measuring vibrations and includes special vibration measurement diagrams such as FFT, cascade, time signal, bode, envelope curve, orbit and spectrogram.

5. automated reporting functions: Automated reporting functions are included, enabling users to generate regular reports on the status of their systems. These reports contain meaningful key figures and make it easy to monitor and analyze the air gap.

Rely on Delphin as your competent partner for vibration measurement and benefit from our many years of expertise in measurement technology. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to make your systems "vibrate" more efficiently and reliably.

Solutions for vibration measurement:

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